No matter how big IT infrastructure your business has, you will need technical support to run the day-to-day operations smoothly. Whether its your network printer that is causing delays for you to print invoices or important documents or your internet is not working as per the expected speed or your development team is not aligning with the operational requirements. In all the above scenarios your business requires a dedicated support team and that is where BonGi comes into the picture.


It is also important to control your applications with a process that assist not only the developers but also the operations team as they are the end-users most of the time. Some of the businesses are migrating to cloud and like to move their hardware resources to AWS or Azure. For this purpose, BonGi can help to allocate dedicated professional DevOps that can not only your business to setup the cloud infrastructure but also can manage it for you.

Onsite and Remote Support

Our field engineers have done some amazing job in the past and have provided great service to our clients. BonGi offers from network support and security to cloud implementation and deployment. We have experience and certified staff having years of experience of handling complex projects end-to-end.

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Router Configuration
  • Data cable installations
  • POS Installation
  • Security Camera Installations

For all your IT support issues

Sometimes our client needs remote support too and that can also be arrange depending on the type of task. We have supported various companies in UK and have performed as per their expectation.