Data Management

It has been repeatedly said in many articles and conferences that Data is the new Gold or Oil. This is the fact that many companies small or big have now understood the need to preserve their data securely and also to utilize it for producing vital Information. BonGi can help you to manage your data from ETL (Extraction Transformation Load) activity to cleansing and securing it. We can produce important dashboard for higher management or can generate reports for operational purpose using following databases.

Microsoft access

Illustrative Reports

BonGi can produce illustrative and interactive reports for your business that can help you to understand your data and can allow you to take business decisions with the backing of solid information.
  • SSRS
  • Power BI
  • Excel

Data Cleansing

This is the most important activity for any company that gives important to it data. Bad data can cause several issues not only for the application and end-user but also for the business itself. BonGi can help your business to clean its data on a regular basis.
  • SQL Scripts
  • SQL Jobs
  • SSIS

Data Backup and Recovery

It is extremely important for any business to implement data backup on a regular basis depending on the nature of business and should also have a mechanism for DR (Disaster Recovery). BonGi can assist your business to produce a set of policies and practice that will be implemented across your business and in case of emergency that can be used so that you can run your business smoothly.
  • Periodic Data Backups
  • Hot site Management
  • Consultancy for Policies