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I was listening to this influencing master piece by John Lennon “Imagine” and was lost in the beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. But that’s quite idealistic approach by the poet. In contemporary world all what people can only wish is to live forget about living in peace. In the mean time a RSS update appeared on bottom right of my laptop screen which somehow forced me to click and then I was alert. It was “Massive cyber-attack hits Internet users“.

Then I started reading that news and i found that there was a major cyber attack on the internet infrastructures as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in different countries were down. Luckily i was not affected. Actually there was an immense increased of the internet traffic which resulted in Denial of Service. So what was new in this attack?

As per my opinion these attacks were targeting the internet infrastructure not few websites. Internet which is mainly monitored by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a network of n number of machines connected together mainly to share information. For last two decades internet has become a necessity of life as people like to communicate instantly. So imagine it just like the underground Tube network which is backbone of any big city but what if there is a disturbance. CHAOS! We need to know the motives behind these sort of attacks as it could become oil crises of 1973.