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Watching The Revolution

Its 3:00 AM in the morning and I am still starving not only due to my empty stomach but due to my appetite of consuming information. Yes, I do like web surfing a lot and mostly it does not matter what I am reading,watching or listening. Probably the main reason behind this luxurious freedom is the fact that its almost free (Cheap Broadband Connection) and I do got time to “waste”.

Fortunately I got the chance of watching the BBC documentary about The Virtual Revolution. The way internet has changed the world and human being in last few decades is amazing. It has increased our communication channels and which made us inclined towards collaborative efforts. In that Aleks Krotoski, an american technology journalist based here in UK has interviewed some of the most successful WWW pioneers. They have explained their experiences and how they feel about the future of internet.

I personally feel that the internet has a lot to offer than a bunch of interesting HTML pages with scripting to make them look more attractive and interactive at the same time. Looking at 15 years back the internet was just a space full of hyper links, texts and images. But now there is a whole different world of data transactions with the evolution of social networks and online shopping (facebook, twitter, skype, amazon, ebay). I would say it is just a beginning. So what can it offer? The main purpose should be to ease the processes and communication for businesses and human beings. It can be achieved through identifying the need, designing the solution and delivering it at the minimal cost. The only hurdle i can see that can make this cycle incomplete is the lack of man power. Recently I have seen a website which is a non-profit organization promoting the idea that anyone can code. It is an effort that will be fruitful specifically to many kids and generally to the society. This will challenge the young minds and could produce entrepreneurs who will resolve bigger problems. Recently we have seen the role of social media in different societies where people were not that free to express their opinions. This is strange as I feel that technological revolution is the only revolution that has helped other social revolutions around the globe while evolving itself. It has emerged as a power or voice and people are now more aware of the fact that there is a way of spreading message.

I am still learning from my own experiences and from other people experiences. As a realistically optimistic individual I believe that the internet has lot to offer and it is not only a web space.