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Blackberry 10 : U-Turn

Recently I have seen Blackberry 10 and looked into the major changes. A brave attempt by Blackberry to penetrate into the smartphone market. Lets “cut to the chase” I am not impressed by this traditional non-creative suicide. Although it would be unjustified if I ignore its operating system Z 10 and its amazing features. But the point is Blackberry is known for its Corporate look and the keypad is its integral part.


I was expecting something different than Samsung S3 and Iphone 5. A device that can change the GAME but this wasn’t the case. Now there are major reasons to it. First in my opinion it is not easy to challenge creative giants like Apple and Samsung. The second thing which really annoys me also is the fact that even Apple is also lacking in terms of creativity. The iPhone 5 was just a value of an incremental loop (Probably infinite :?: ).

Although Samsung has done unexpectedly well in terms of attracting consumers through S3 but I feel that this is going to be a hell of a job for their R & D people to produce something extra ordinary after this.

There is another model of Blackberry 10 with Q 10 Operating system which has the physical keyboard. Still waiting to experience it but again it wont be much different than Bold plus the space keyboard is gonna take will not give any room for screen. And smartphone with a small screen is not only unattractive but also annoying.

I will still purchase Blackberry 10 with keyboard just to experience it and I hope that it will prove me wrong!

Best of Luck to you all and share your Smartphone experiences.

Hello world!

This is Just the beginning.

Print “Hello World”;