Enemy Of My Enemy

Do not worry as I will not be discussing politics or war strategies in this post. This particular post is about a real story which many of us witnessed during the last decay. Well the idea came into my mind when I was analyzing a beautiful piece of technology Samsung Galaxy S Digital Camera. The “Enemy of my Enemy” is basically a phrase which describes an unintentional Friend due to mutual interests.

My first cell phone ever was Samsung in year 2000. Samsung at that time was not creative enough and had limited options. Also at that time the cellular market was dominated by Nokia. The Nokia cell phones were very user friendly with strong body and also affordable. Although they have captured the market quite well but market has a cruel norm that innovation is the only way to keep a product alive. Sometimes companies forget this norm due to massive sales and huge profits. But then there are companies or individuals who are waiting to find this innovation gap in the market. Therefore as a result in 2007 we saw something extra ordinary, something new with different operating system and elegant design Apple’s IPhone. It was a massive hit and the media started naming it the “Jesus Phone”. As a result company like Nokia was not only surprise but shocked and moved into a “static mode”. From 2007 to 2010 Apple enjoyed the overwhelming reception for IPhone and its successors from the consumers all around the world but in 2010 Samsung produced something similar to IPhone yet different. Samsung Galaxy S, a smart phone with almost all the options available in IPhone and better sound and video quality. There were some criticism but overall the reception was positive. With the release of SII and SIII Samsung has massively captured the cellular market. Both of them have extra ordinary features and on top of that Android has enough apps available now to attract consumers. And with the non-creative suicide by Apple through IPhone 5 the consumers are considering Samsung as an alternative.

Nokia has realized that its revenge is been taken to some extent by Samsung and becomes Nokia’s unintentional friend. Samsung has recently produced S IV which has received immense positive reviews so far. I still need to explore it but would welcome comments on it from you. But As I said Samsung is just a Friend due to mutual interest therefore Nokia has produced Nokia Lumia. I have explored this product myself and would like to mention that Nokia has done it again. Although I am not sure how much market Lumia or its successors will be able to capture but still Nokia is trying to be in the race.


I was listening to this influencing master piece by John Lennon “Imagine” and was lost in the beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics. But that’s quite idealistic approach by the poet. In contemporary world all what people can only wish is to live forget about living in peace. In the mean time a RSS update appeared on bottom right of my laptop screen which somehow forced me to click and then I was alert. It was “Massive cyber-attack hits Internet users“.

Then I started reading that news and i found that there was a major cyber attack on the internet infrastructures as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in different countries were down. Luckily i was not affected. Actually there was an immense increased of the internet traffic which resulted in Denial of Service. So what was new in this attack?

As per my opinion these attacks were targeting the internet infrastructure not few websites. Internet which is mainly monitored by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a network of n number of machines connected together mainly to share information. For last two decades internet has become a necessity of life as people like to communicate instantly. So imagine it just like the underground Tube network which is backbone of any big city but what if there is a disturbance. CHAOS! We need to know the motives behind these sort of attacks as it could become oil crises of 1973.

Snakes and Ladders

By looking at the title of this post many of you would think of an ancient Indian board game. Yes, I was also one of those people who has played it throughout my childhood. But today i will use it as an analogy for a similar game on a different board. In this game your website is the Token, your competitors’ websites are the scattered snakes and numbered grids are the precious rankings with a difference of sequence as grid with the value (ranking) 1 is better than 100. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO.

Search Engines are softwares which retrieves websites addresses for users on the basis of their search query. Now its not as simple as I have just explained but there is no point of explaining search engine algorithms. Yes they all have unique algorithms which makes them different from each other. Few famous search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Excite and Aol. The point is to understand that these search engines have now become the Stock Exchange of internet and the only difference between this exchange and the conventional one is that people spend their time instead of money to identify (not to buy) something valuable. Most of the companies do want their stocks to be on the top but their approach is different as they do not follow a pattern or route to reach to that place. Search Engines do have defined criteria on the basis of which they evaluate website rankings. It is really hard to identify all the factors that might create an impact on the rankings but the least one can do is to understand the guidelines and try to optimize the website according to it. One important fact is that there is no guarantee in this business as it all depends on search engines’ algorithms, technological developments and company policies therefore its a ongoing process.

In my opinion I would say that it is important for small businesses like plumbers, dentists, freelance workers etc to understand the need of this marketing tool. Also it is not a day or a week task as it might takes months to gain recognition. This is the reason most small businesses lose interest in SEO and consider it as a waste of capital. It’s there choice and they have the right to invest anywhere they want but in near future they will understand that this is the ultimate marketing billboard and millions could stare at their product or service.

Watching The Revolution

Its 3:00 AM in the morning and I am still starving not only due to my empty stomach but due to my appetite of consuming information. Yes, I do like web surfing a lot and mostly it does not matter what I am reading,watching or listening. Probably the main reason behind this luxurious freedom is the fact that its almost free (Cheap Broadband Connection) and I do got time to “waste”.

Fortunately I got the chance of watching the BBC documentary about The Virtual Revolution. The way internet has changed the world and human being in last few decades is amazing. It has increased our communication channels and which made us inclined towards collaborative efforts. In that Aleks Krotoski, an american technology journalist based here in UK has interviewed some of the most successful WWW pioneers. They have explained their experiences and how they feel about the future of internet.

I personally feel that the internet has a lot to offer than a bunch of interesting HTML pages with scripting to make them look more attractive and interactive at the same time. Looking at 15 years back the internet was just a space full of hyper links, texts and images. But now there is a whole different world of data transactions with the evolution of social networks and online shopping (facebook, twitter, skype, amazon, ebay). I would say it is just a beginning. So what can it offer? The main purpose should be to ease the processes and communication for businesses and human beings. It can be achieved through identifying the need, designing the solution and delivering it at the minimal cost. The only hurdle i can see that can make this cycle incomplete is the lack of man power. Recently I have seen a website Code.org which is a non-profit organization promoting the idea that anyone can code. It is an effort that will be fruitful specifically to many kids and generally to the society. This will challenge the young minds and could produce entrepreneurs who will resolve bigger problems. Recently we have seen the role of social media in different societies where people were not that free to express their opinions. This is strange as I feel that technological revolution is the only revolution that has helped other social revolutions around the globe while evolving itself. It has emerged as a power or voice and people are now more aware of the fact that there is a way of spreading message.

I am still learning from my own experiences and from other people experiences. As a realistically optimistic individual I believe that the internet has lot to offer and it is not only a web space.

Blackberry 10 : U-Turn

Recently I have seen Blackberry 10 and looked into the major changes. A brave attempt by Blackberry to penetrate into the smartphone market. Lets “cut to the chase” I am not impressed by this traditional non-creative suicide. Although it would be unjustified if I ignore its operating system Z 10 and its amazing features. But the point is Blackberry is known for its Corporate look and the keypad is its integral part.


I was expecting something different than Samsung S3 and Iphone 5. A device that can change the GAME but this wasn’t the case. Now there are major reasons to it. First in my opinion it is not easy to challenge creative giants like Apple and Samsung. The second thing which really annoys me also is the fact that even Apple is also lacking in terms of creativity. The iPhone 5 was just a value of an incremental loop (Probably infinite :?: ).

Although Samsung has done unexpectedly well in terms of attracting consumers through S3 but I feel that this is going to be a hell of a job for their R & D people to produce something extra ordinary after this.

There is another model of Blackberry 10 with Q 10 Operating system which has the physical keyboard. Still waiting to experience it but again it wont be much different than Bold plus the space keyboard is gonna take will not give any room for screen. And smartphone with a small screen is not only unattractive but also annoying.

I will still purchase Blackberry 10 with keyboard just to experience it and I hope that it will prove me wrong!

Best of Luck to you all and share your Smartphone experiences.

Hello world!

This is Just the beginning.

Print “Hello World”;